The Medical Sector Can Finally Get Rid Of Those Fax Machines!

Advanced Business Solutions, along with Xerox now offers Kno2 technology.

What if you could send HIPAA compliant files as easy as sending an email? Imagine not having to keep track of physical files anymore, not having to send a regular old fax. What could a medical business or hospital do with a service that lets them do all this and more? Well, that’s what Kno2 is all about!

How to Save Your Storage Facility Money

6 ways to cut costs in the self storage industry

The use of storage facilities has grown in recent years. This is likely due to smaller spaces offices and business must operate in.  Homeowners use storage facilities to reduce items in their homes. Holding on to items they want to keep but may not have the room at this moment.  There’s simply not enough room to hold everything!

Storage unit facilities can be expensive to maintain. Here are 6 ways to reduce costs and save some money on this essential, yet expensive need.

6 Steps To Make Sure Your Medical Office Is HIPAA Compliant In The Digital Age.

Are your Office Printers/Copiers HIPAA Compliant? Here’s How to Make Sure

Did you know your copiers and printers in medical offices could be a HIPAA risk? Years ago, medical offices could make copies and fax information with little risk of that information being stored in the copier or machines. Times have changed. Now, with the newer printers and copiers being as sophisticated as they are, the data is stored for a long time. This opens up the medical practice to sensitive information being non compliant with HIPAA regulations.

Understanding Copier Paper

Copy paper questions answered.

How to know Which Paper to Buy

Having a stocked supply closet in your office allows business to continue running. You would not want the entire operation to shut down due to being out of pens, ink or paper. With all the various types of paper available for office supplies, how do you know which is best?

There are 3 key elements to keep in mind when making the best copy paper selection for your business use.

Is your Copier Data Safe?

Copier Data

With the current rash of data hacks and information leaks, it’s no surprise that security of office equipment is starting to enter into the thoughts of managers. One of the most common pieces of equipment in an office is the copier. They’ve become a lot more sophisticated with all sorts of bells and whistles, from copies to email and e-faxing. This brings about the question of the safety of the data that’s stored in the copier.

Advantages of Electronic Document Management


The advantages of Electronic Document Management systems produce a streamline process for paperwork. Going digital may raise the hairs on your neck with cyber security? Understand that using digital systems then requires keeping them updated. Updating also increases security and protects your files. Let’s explore the reasons before giving into fear. 

HIPAA-How to Stay Compliant in 5 Easy Steps

Is your practice really HIPAA compliant? 

If a medical facility or doctor is found to be negligent in compliance, the repercussions can be severe. They can be as simple as losing clients or bad publicity which can be bad enough. The worst thing to happen is that the government can and will impose fines on the negligent party. Either way, it can mean problems for whatever medical facility or doctor doesn’t comply.

Why the Office Copier Should be upgraded…It’s all about the Money!

Copied Upgrade

The all important office copier. It sits there, constantly pushing out page after page of documents. The best way to cut costs is in upgrading. This may seem a bit expensive but there are four major reasons to upgrade the copier and it all comes down to the bottom line. These four reasons are lower costs, higher quality, minimal maintenance and high productivity levels.

Remember How Complex Your Copier Is

Complex copier

Next time the office copier goes on the fritz, remember how complex your copier is.

Every office has a copier. It’s a central part of a business. It makes copies, scans documents and can even email those documents to people. The main function, however, is to copy things for those in the office.

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