Advanced Business Solutions helps a leader in the Self-Storage industry

1 of the many iStorage locations

Advanced Business Solutions is proud to add iStorage Management Company to our family of clients. iStorage is a self-storage company with 97 locations in 18 different states, as of now.

Advanced Business Solutions helped iStorage simplify their printing needs, and saved them money by eliminating the costly contracts for each location. “Standardization across our entire portfolio with a single model makes it easier to maintain cohesiveness across all of our locations.” Steve Treadwell, President of iStorage Management Company. “Having a single number to call if there is a problem with any of our machines. It is all about up time, and that is what ABS helped us accomplish

Advanced Business Solutions saved iStorage by combining their existing service contracts into one single service agreement. If you have 2 locations, or 2,000, we can make your accounting easier with a single service contract. One invoice for simplicity and cost savings. “Having a single contract with Advanced Business Solutions makes it simpler from an accounting perspective. We pay just one invoice and it is easy to spread the cost out across all of the stores”

Steve went on to say “Standardization is important when you are running a large portfolio. Having everything the same across all locations keeps it simple to manage. Having reliable machines that don’t break down and are easy to maintain from afar is very important in our industry.”

iStorage Self StorageWhen a company has multiple locations, problems tend to arise. ABS can alleviate many of these problems. We offer technical support through a single phone number to call for all locations. “ABS offers great tech support available remotely or onsite as needed. This remote maintenance is a valuable addition and works well with our onsite IT department.” Continued Mr. Treadwell. “Advanced Business Solutions has become a supplement to our own tech support staff and has helped out with all sorts of tech issues with our stores” As iStorage grows, ABS will be there every step of the way. Steve went on to say, “in the event we take on a large number of stores simultaneously we will have (ABS) come out and help us stand up those stores from a tech perspective”

Having reliable machines and dependable tech support makes it easy to maintain from a far. Consistency is the key to making all 90 plus locations run smoothly.

Advanced Business Solutions takes pride in our personal service. Steve Treadwell’s decision to chose ABS came from meeting Adam Gregory (owner of ABS) face to face.  “When I met Adam I just knew he was someone I could trust. He was the guy that would do whatever it takes to keep us up and running and provide the service we needed.  Adam is always available and super-fast with responses on any issues we have had.”