Advantages of Electronic Document Management


The advantages of Electronic Document Management systems produce a streamline process for paperwork. Going digital may raise the hairs on your neck with cyber security? Understand that using digital systems then requires keeping them updated. Updating also increases security and protects your files. Let’s explore the reasons before giving into fear. 

Here’s the top 5 reasons for taking your system into document management:

  1. Electronic document management systems make the retention of critical documents much easier. The files you need are at your fingertips. Search for files instead of digging through papers for hours.
  2. Free up room in your office by removing file cabinets and drawers that take up space.  Gone, is the file room! Everything you need is right there on your system neatly tucked away, protected and backed up.
  3. Your accounting department has access to previous and upcoming invoices at the click of a mouse. Files are saved in the system, cataloged and accessible.
  4.  Accessibility to your documents. Your files now travel with you were ever you need them.  They are also, available to multiple people at one time in various locations if needed.
  5. Save space, save maintenance. Electronic management helps to get rid additional expenses. File cabinets, filing supplies, space management, and employee hours filing and organizing.

Older documents with sensitive information

These documents can be scanned into your system and encrypted with passwords if needed. There are certain files the IRS requires a company keep forever. The problem is that paper may not hold up forever. By scanning these into your system they are preserved.

Where to start

Starting the process can seem overwhelming. Learn what files must be saved and which can be gotten rid of. If possible divide the work by department, have each section go through their past files and get rid of things not needed. Begin by getting rid of unnecessary work. Then you are left with what needed to be done. Now it is time to begin converting. Start slow, create appropriate files and folders in which these documents will go into. Then start folder by folder.


To reduce potential breaches, make sure your employees are trained in data encryption and proper procedures to maintain security. Back up your systems on a regular basis and safely store your back up.  Limit your data only to those who need it, protecting these files by relevant personnel.

One of the final ways to take full advantage of managing documents in an electronic system is that it allows the company to back up anything and everything. Make sure the database is backed up frequently to avoid loss of critical documents. It is technology and just like humans, it has faults. Don’t let that deter the company from investing in this advantageous option. Once documents are uploaded and saved, it will make the company more efficient and reduce the time it takes to look up and edit any information that may be needed to keep the company successful.