Do you need an IT security plan?

Computer Security

What are the risks to your business in the event of a cyber-attack?

The first step to developing an IT security plan is to realize why you need one.

Technological advancements make life easier but at the same time more at risk. More applications are released to improve and increase the speed we can complete tasks.  Online banking, bill pay, shopping, and medical records are just a few usages we use within our day. Each of these functions requires confidential information to be put into businesses data banks. IT security must become a foundational element for each business. 

An IT plan can increase safety, decrease risk and increase efficiency.

Data security prevents compromises that impact productivity. Cyber breaches have a direct impact on your business and your clients lives.  Work must stop, the source and depth of the breach must be identified.  IT Security improves your efficiency, keeping your system monitored and more secure.  Once you realize why you need a security plan you can then develop the plan.  Advanced Business Solutions can lay out a plan that will increase security and keep your systems and networks monitored by:

  • Updating anti-virus software often
  • Backing up digital files to a secure location frequently
  • Educating employees on IT procedures
  • System security tasks included in training and employee job descriptions
  • Educate employees on proper and safe cyber and network habits

Protect Clients and Employees

You are responsible for confidential information. A breach in your data system could be catastrophic.  Trust would be violated, business would come to a standstill as the magnitude of this breach was determined. Your customers and employees have entrusted you to make their private information a top priority. Increasing IT security measures is the key to securing your data and retaining your business integrity.

Advanced Business Solutions will create a tailored security plan to keep your digital files safe and your business processing efficiently.