How to Save Your Storage Facility Money

6 ways to cut costs in the self storage industry

The use of storage facilities has grown in recent years. This is likely due to smaller spaces offices and business must operate in.  Homeowners use storage facilities to reduce items in their homes. Holding on to items they want to keep but may not have the room at this moment.  There’s simply not enough room to hold everything!

Storage unit facilities can be expensive to maintain. Here are 6 ways to reduce costs and save some money on this essential, yet expensive need.

  1. Property Taxes:

Look at the current property tax bill. These taxes are sometimes overstated; that means the

business can be billed much more than what is appropriate. The town assessor can see if it is possible to get a new assessment of the taxes. It may not always work, but it’s worth a shot.

  1. Insurance Premiums:

Look at the business’s insurance statement and policy. Sometimes the policy that is in place can be renegotiated to save money. Talking to the insurance company for a few minutes may reveal some savings. Shop around for policies. Many times, some companies can give a business the same coverage for less money than the business is currently paying.

  1. Hours:

Operating hours can be a key to saving money. Are there times when the office is very busy, then other times when they are not? Is there a pattern? Adjusting the hours or staff needs could cut down on overhead. One way to work with potential customers and still reduce hours is increasing your online presence. Your website could increase traffic and offer virtual tours of the units for potential customers and ways to purchase and pay for units online instead of having to come in. By adjusting the hours of operation, the facility can cut down on bills such as electric, heat and payroll.

  1. Watch the Utility Bills:

Along with operating hours, it is important to keep an eye on the utility bills. Some facilities that use climate control can see a spike in use during the warm or cold months which makes it tough to stay in business. This is especially true if these types of bills get out of control. Great ways to keep them in check is to put timers and sensors on lights and heating/cooling systems. Another great idea is to keep doors and windows closed as much as possible, especially if the units are climate controlled. If that is not done, you are literally throwing money out the window.

  1. Existing Contracts:

Look at all the outside contracts the company uses. This could be landscaping contracts, upkeep contracts (think snow), or even security. See if one of the current employees can take some of these on. If not, negotiate contracts each year and shop around for the best rates. Never settle for a provider out of comfort, especially if it can save money in the long run! Do you have multiple locations? did you know you can combine all those printer leases into 1 cost saving agreement? We can help!

  1. Equipment

Are your computers or office equipment machines giving your business the productivity it needs? If you are wasting money on excessive ink, toner or needing a repairman you may be able to save money with a new machine. Let a reliable business supply company help with an assessment of your current machines. Managed print services could save you money while increasing productivity. Giving your business what it needs at an affordable price. Advanced Business Solutions has worked with the self storage industy for years. We understand the unique needs this industry faces. Contact us today and let us help you cut costs and boost productivity.

This list is not extensive, but it covers many of the ways a storage facility company can save money. It takes diligence and research to keep costs down. The goal is to keep the business going while making sure the basics are taken care of. The goal of our businesses is to increase income and decrease or reduce expenses.