The Medical Sector Can Finally Get Rid Of Those Fax Machines!

Advanced Business Solutions, along with Xerox now offers Kno2 technology.

What if you could send HIPAA compliant files as easy as sending an email? Imagine not having to keep track of physical files anymore, not having to send a regular old fax. What could a medical business or hospital do with a service that lets them do all this and more? Well, that’s what Kno2 is all about!

With the Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer Solution, you can securely send patient information with a HIPAA-compliant clinical document exchange workflow – directly from your MFP. Health professionals can now transform paper into interoperable content from a Xerox® ConnectKey® Enabled MFP
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Key Features

The Healthcare MFP does more than just traditional print, copy, fax and scan functionality you normally associate with an MFP.

Share patient information in a secure and efficient manner with the Share Patient Information application.

Exchange data securely in a variety of manners to meet your needs with Kno2's interoperability services, including the delivery of direct messaging via Surescripts and document query via Carequality.

Transmit paper electronically right from the MFP.

Select recipients from the SureScripts National Directory of healthcare providers.

Transform paper into instantly usable, relevant and structured clinical documentation.

Kno2 is the new, revolutionary piece of Interoperability service that no medical company or hospital can do without! It’s all about staying connected and giving healthcare providers exactly what they need to make their practice or hospital thrive, all while saving time, ink and MONEY!

Kno2 allows a medical establishment to have access to a plethora of productivity tools. These tools include a nationwide provider directory, direct chats with other physicians and medical professionals, and even the ability to coordinate patient care down to the smallest detail. This is all done without paper, everything is stored on the cloud.

Why would a medical facility want to use such a product? 

  • It will save time and provide world class care. With this system, a doctor has secure access to patient records and the ability to send those records to other medical facilities securely. A doctor can upload medical data or report right to the system in a matter of seconds. This gives other professionals the ability to view that document or presentation for patient care or training purposes. It will even suggest other providers to add to the current network, expanding the providers available.
  • With Kno2, it’s possible to give doctors and hospitals ways to work smarter, work faster and more efficiently. Think of it as social media platform for medical professionals, but all the info is secure and HIPPA compliant. Hospital administration can even be streamlined with this new and revolutionary software.

What about security?

  • In the medical field, HIPAA security is a top priority. With Kno2, that’s not a concern! The data that is uploaded and saved on the software is encrypted with the highest level of security. This protects not only patient records, but also the provider information. It’s a win/win for both sides.

There is also instant access to the analytics and more work flow options. With one click, a facility can see how they are progressing toward the new interoperability model and what can be done to make it faster and easier. The purpose of Kno2 is to make care and record keeping easier, faster and with FAR less paperwork than has ever been used before.

Interoperability is the future of medical care. The ability to work collectively with professionals regardless of in house or out of the facility is the future. Kno2 allows these facilities the ability to connect, share and work together for the betterment of both the medical profession and the patient.

Use Fax to Get Rid of Fax

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