Remember How Complex Your Copier Is

Complex copier

Next time the office copier goes on the fritz, remember how complex your copier is.

Every office has a copier. It’s a central part of a business. It makes copies, scans documents and can even email those documents to people. The main function, however, is to copy things for those in the office.

Imagine, something goes into the copier and someone hits the big green button labeled “start”. The unthinkable happens…it jams! The next thing the office hears is the audible frustration from a co-worker and maybe an obligatory kick to the base of the machine. Well, think about this the next time the copier jams or otherwise malfunctions. It’s a complex piece of equipment.

The copier is more than just a huge piece of plastic taking up space in the office.

It’s a complex machine with ink, belts, gears and all sorts of internal machine “guts” that make it work. Frankly, sometimes those guts decide not to work properly. It stinks but it’s the truth. The paper that gets put into these machines is sometimes the reason things go wrong. Sometimes, it’s the machine itself. The ink malfunctions for some reason. Maybe it’s almost out. Sometimes a belt comes loose. There’s literally a plethora of things that can happen in this complex machine. The trick is to remember at least some of these and not give it a swift kick when something acts up.

Any business that uses a copier (and that’s basically every business) understands what’s mentioned above. Many times, the copier just needs to be opened up and paper needs to be removed because it went somewhere it shouldn’t have. Usually, there’s no discernible reason for this. Sometimes there is. The copier is not just complex, it’s a machine just like the computer and machines have issues from time to time.

What if you have to call for help in fixing it?

It’s not something an office manager likes to think about but sometimes, it needs to happen. It’s all part of remembering how complex the copier is. It’s like a computer in many ways. It has its own way of reacting to its environment. It’s how people in the office react to those quirks that ensure a copier will last. In other words, don’t kick the base thinking it will undo a paper jam. It won’t, and in fact, it could make the problem worse.  Instead, open up the copier; try to see where the issue is coming from. Often times, the screens on current copiers tell you what could be the problem.

The copier is not just a child that can be reprimanded when it acts up. It’s a complex machine that needs finesse to figure out what happens when it acts up. After all, there are so many different parts to the office copier that any one of those parts may cause an issue. It cannot be said enough, the copier is a complex, albeit an integral part of the office so treat it well and it will treat you well in return!