Understanding Copier Paper

Copy paper questions answered.

How to know Which Paper to Buy

Having a stocked supply closet in your office allows business to continue running. You would not want the entire operation to shut down due to being out of pens, ink or paper. With all the various types of paper available for office supplies, how do you know which is best?

There are 3 key elements to keep in mind when making the best copy paper selection for your business use.


  • The first thing to look for when dealing with paper selection is the weight and thickness of the paper. The answer requires knowing what you are using the paper for. Not all paper is used for the same process.
  • Regular documents and copies – use a lightweight paper.
  • Involved documents, manual covers and certificates- a thicker, heavier paper or card stock would be appropriate.
  • Thickness and weight are also an important factor when using different machinery. LaserJet and inkjet printers perform better on different thicknesses. Always check the owner’s manual to see which type of paper the manufacturer recommends for best use.


  • Color may seem like a simple thing. Obviously, you may not want every document on fluorescent pink paper. But you may have special fliers that require this. If your office specializes in more of a marketing or creative niche, colored paper could be appropriate.
  • Most offices use a bright or off-white color. This is the standard color for general correspondence that may include just simple text.
  • If images are going to be printed on the paper, using a brighter paper (bright white, for instance) would be preferable to make the image pop off the page.


  • One of the last things to look for when selecting the right paper for the office is the paper quality. Paper weight and color factor into this, however, there’s a bit more to look at.
  • A moderate weight paper of 24 pounds or above with a brightness of 92% or above is ideal.
  • What the paper is made of is another consideration. Selecting a paper made of multiple ingredients such as wood pulp and cotton is a suggestion. This combination has a more upscale feel and tends to stand up to almost anything.

Paper, while seemingly simple proves to need thought to choose the best choice for a project’s needs. Your choice in paper conveys a sense of professionalism and class. Just one client who sees their project on the right paper can lead to even more in the future. For some businesses, it’s also the difference between standing out and being average. So, when looking for the right paper