We Narrow the Wide World of Wide Format Printers


Not every business requires standard print sizes. 8.5” x 11” is not a one size fits all solution.  For business that need larger print scales Advanced Business Solutions offers a selection of wide format printers. With our wide format devices, you can print:



Architectural Drawings

Oversized Drawings


While your business may need to a variety of large printing, your projects need the superior features of our wide format printers. We increase the size of your printing capability while still offering fast speeds, high resolution, sharp details, vibrant colors, Scanning, sharing and hard disk memory options. Our wide format printers increase your print range while offering quality printing your business needs. 

Okidata recently purchased Teriostar.  The Teriostar LP 1040 is a monochrome LED wide format multifunctional printer offering fast, high resolution prints for architectural, construction, engineering, CAD and mapping applications. Not only is this printer user friendly, but it can scan these large prints at a rate of 9.4” per second and convert the image reduce printing size for an 8.5” x11” print on your standard sized printer for reduced size needs.

Other beneficial features of our devices include: HD widescreen display, easy-to-use touch screen monitors, automatic cutting settings and adjustments for paper thickness and weight.

At Advanced Business Solutions we work with you to find you the products you need to become known for quality, excellence and dependability with every printing source your business needs.