Why Not to Get A Copier or MFP at Discount Stores

COLOR PRINTER $39.99! Seems like an excellent deal, right?

This is not always the bargain it seems to be. That super great “Black Friday” Door buster or “Super Saturday” Sale item quickly loses its’ luster as the DAYS pass by. A closer look at the “fine print” to show a consumer how quickly that super great price adds up. Here are some of the gimmicks and word play that’s often used to lure in unsuspecting consumers.


The big office supply stores are notorious for running these eye-catching deals. That’s because they think consumers are suckers. Yes, many people will think the multifunctional printer from Staples for $39.99 is a great deal. They think they are saving money by doing this. Traditionally, there is no contract, no dealer, and no hassle in and out in just a couple minutes. Seems easy, enough. Maybe not.


Cheap Price = cheap cartridge

Open up the new printer. Some may notice the cartridges looked different. Not just different, but also, small. Some consumers may not think anything of it. They believe they got a great deal. The typical monthly usage of a printer is 500 pages per month. Most businesses do more than that. Many consumers don’t. Often times, within a matter of weeks, a consumer receives the familiar pop up message telling them that their cartridge is running low and it’s time to replace it.

Color prints will cost approximately .20 to.30 cents per page. Black and white are usually less.


With the average user printing 500 copies a month that would total $125 a month or $1500 a year!! That cost only factors in the ink, not the replacements of “parts”. YIKES! Where the giant savings now? A small color office printer can be as low as $40 a month from a dealer. This dulls the glow of a “great deal”.

What about Tech Support? Not Really

Tech support with the bargain stores is nearly non-existent. It may be possible to bring the printer in for a look with someone who may or may not know how to fix the issue. That’s where the biggest difference lies between the discount stores and other options. To say tech support is scattered at these stores is being generous. What about the middle of the day or night issue? Bargain printer could mean an expensive problem to fix later on. That’s if the warranty hasn’t expired at that point.

Warranty? What about Durability?

What about a warranty? There may be a 90 day or 1-year warranty on the printer but how good is it? Does the company that sold the printer stand by it? Often times, the bargain store may stand by the warranty for a while but it will most likely not be the case for long. Then the company or consumer is out more money when it expires.


What about durability? How long will that bargain printer or copier last? For many businesses and consumers, they want to find a great deal. The price can often be the durability of the product chosen. Sometimes the bargain stores have less durable products which will require replacement sooner than expected. That great deal, that bargain is no longer what it seems.

The biggest Gimmick

Manufacturers know these are issues, so do the stores that sell them. These machines are known as loss leaders. They attract consumers into the store thinking they will get a great deal. They build these machines to devour consumables.  Often times, this is what happens with the bargain printers and copiers. This is especially true when it comes to ink.


Real color copiers, printers or MFP’s from an Authorized Dealer last a minimum of five years. The dealers invest in dependable products to build a business. Continued customer satisfaction is needed to keep them in business. The manufacturers need these dealers to carry their products, so their business continues. There is a circle or respect and trust built. They want to help the consumer or business without fear of a lackluster product. Advanced Business Solutions works hard to bring the industry top quality, reliable products. We help your business by getting it what it needs, not what it doesn’t. Satisfaction is ABS’s ultimate goal.