Why the Office Copier Should be upgraded…It’s all about the Money!

Copied Upgrade

The all important office copier. It sits there, constantly pushing out page after page of documents. The best way to cut costs is in upgrading. This may seem a bit expensive but there are four major reasons to upgrade the copier and it all comes down to the bottom line. These four reasons are lower costs, higher quality, minimal maintenance and high productivity levels.

Lower costs- For any business, the bottom line is where it starts and ends. If the copier is upgraded, the costs for ink, and potentially paper may be greatly reduced. This is because the efficiency of the new machine is better than what came before it. Many of the copiers now are also multifunction. This will allow increased productivity by allowing workers to scan, email, and copy the documents they need. Older copiers have just one function, copying. Talk about a time waster and like the old saying goes, “time is money”.  This will also allow the office to clear up some floor space by replacing all the other document machines with one easy to use all in one machine.

Higher Quality Documents- Quality is king. If an office copier is updated, the quality of the documents coming from it will inevitably improve. This will make the business look even more professional while showing customers and colleagues that the business takes pride in what they present to the outside world. No one wants to send out copies that are marred by lines or that look dingy and almost unreadable. Talk about a bad impression. Having this all in one space and not having to outsource printing also goes back to lowering costs. It’s a win/win!

Better Productivity- This was mentioned a bit before but it bears mention again. With a better copier comes better productivity. Imagine being able to print a document while another person in the office emails something to a client. Sounds like a great combination, right? This means that one person is not dependant on another to finish their job before doing theirs at the same printer/copier. This is where the multifunction, upgraded copiers tend to shine most. There are definite advantages to having a copier that can multitask for the entire office.  Increased productivity will give the office an even better outlook for the future.

Minimum Maintenance- One of the final benefits of upgrading the office copier is the lack of maintenance. That’s not to say it won’t ever happen but the incidences will be fewer. This means fewer calls to the repair man and less money out of the office budget. Another win for the bottom line! If the copier is newer, the maintenance is less. That’s just the truth.

There are definitive benefits to upgrading the office copier. From productivity, lower costs, and higher quality. Find the right copier for the office and if possible, get a multifunction unit that will allow many things to be done at the same time. It will not only save money but time as well. Whatever the business decides to do, it should aim to make things better for the office and the upgraded copier could be just the beginning.