Why Not to Get A Copier or MFP at Discount Stores

COLOR PRINTER $39.99! Seems like an excellent deal, right?

This is not always the bargain it seems to be. That super great “Black Friday” Door buster or “Super Saturday” Sale item quickly loses its’ luster as the DAYS pass by. A closer look at the “fine print” to show a consumer how quickly that super great price adds up. Here are some of the gimmicks and word play that’s often used to lure in unsuspecting consumers.



Advanced Business Solutions, a full-service office machine and document management company that provides state-of-the-art multi-function printers and other devices to partnering companies looking to bolster their office’s imaging solutions, this week announced they officially sold 35 new Xerox Multi-Function Machines to Southeast Orthopedic Specialists’ seven (7) locations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of In-House Printing

4 color printing

There are many advantages of in-house printing. There are also disadvantages.

When a company decides how to do the printing of their materials, they often analyze the benefits and risks associated with both before making a decision. The decision is usually based on things such as cost, finding the right vendor, or simply what will work best for the company. Sometimes, even turnaround time is a factor.

Do you need an IT security plan?

Computer Security

What are the risks to your business in the event of a cyber-attack?

The first step to developing an IT security plan is to realize why you need one.

We Narrow the Wide World of Wide Format Printers


Not every business requires standard print sizes. 8.5” x 11” is not a one size fits all solution.  For business that need larger print scales Advanced Business Solutions offers a selection of wide format printers. With our wide format devices, you can print:



Architectural Drawings

Oversized Drawings


Advanced Business Solutions has the honor of being chosen as a 2017 Elite Dealer by ENX Magazine


ENX Magazine and ENX The Week in Imaging announced that Advanced Business Solutions (ABS) has been chosen as a 2017 Elite Dealer.  This annual honor is bestowed on the ‘Who’s Who’ in the Office Technology Community.  ENX has been spotlighting these leaders in this industry since 1988. The 2017 Elite Dealers will be featured in the December 2017 issue of ENX Magazine.

Jacksonville, The Bold New City of the South, ranked #2 for top places to live


In terms of landmass, Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city in the United States. For little over 1.4 million residents that live here we know the beauty and diversity this city offers with its rich cultures and aesthetically pleasing eclectic suburbs.  Jacksonville is ranked #2 for top places to live according to Business Insider for 2017. The quality of life is ranked 6.7 on a 10-point scale factoring for the crime rate, commute, college readiness and other factors. The average annual salary is close to $44k.

What is a Managed Print Service Assessment?

NO two companies are identical, like a fingerprint each has defining characteristics. There is no set printing solution to meet the different printing needs to make a multitude of businesses print to each specific need.  A print assessment will look at your individual business and assess the specific needs so we can provide the perfect solution for your business to print smoothly.  The purpose of this assessment is to see how managed print services can best work for you. 

How the assessment works

Managed IT Services

Business Network

    At one time something had to be broken before you called the IT guy to come and fix the problem.  Sadly, when these things happened business was affected for as long as it took to repair the problem; sometimes days on end because parts needed to be ordered and shipped. Now the need for Managed IT Services benefits small and large businesses alike.  Who can afford to lose a portion of their business or at worst the entire operating ability for a day or a week waiting to a technician to come fix the problem?

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