Copiers & Multifunction

Copiers & Multifunction

In today’s business world, efficiency is paramount. You need to not just produce documents quickly but route information to others in a timely manner as well Not only that, you must be able to capture, archive and retrieve documents on your network easily for future use.

Advanced Business Solutions can help you accomplish all of these tasks. With one of our multifunction copiers, you’ll have the ability to accomplish many tasks on a single machine. You’ll save resources, expenses and time.

Main Features of Multifunction Copiers

Sometimes called all-in-one machines, our multifunction copiers can perform the functions of these devices:


They enable you make prints in both color and black-and-white within seconds.


Multifunction systems also give you the ability to make copies that retain the quality and details of original images.


Multifunction copiers can also scan documents for fast, simple indexing on your network.


Once you scan a document, you can send others quickly via fax or email.

Additional Services

To further optimize their document printing, storage and distribution processes, customers can take advantage of ABS’s other services. These include:

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