Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Many businesses and organizations don’t consider how much their printing processes cost them. Studies indicate that 1-3% of a company’s yearly revenue can go to printing documents. This can translate into thousands or even millions of dollars—on average, an office employee spends $15,000 a year on printing. This occurs in spite of the fact that offices should ideally have one printer for every 10 workers.

Advanced Business Solutions can help ensure that your document output doesn’t wreak havoc on your budget. With Managed Print Services, you can minimize your printing costs while maximizing your productivity.

Six Steps of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services from ABS is a six-step process. It involves the following:

We analyze your current printing processes. Once we have enough information, we make recommendations for how to improve your solution.

Equipment Optimization

We install or redistribute equipment in your workplace to promote greater productivity.

Device Monitoring

We monitor your printers, keeping track of supply levels and service issues. This occurs automatically, leaving your staff free to concentrate on more important matters.

Automated Supply Fulfillment

When your supplies run low or problems occur, we send new supplies or service technicians automatically. This allows you to reduce downtime and keep your productivity constant.

Comprehensive Invoicing

You receive a detailed, comprehensive invoice of your printing expenses. You’ll be able to manage your budget better by seeing your costs on a per-page basis.

Ongoing Tracking and Recommendations

We continue to monitor your printer fleet, allowing you to make adjustments and improvements as your business evolves.

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