Print Assessment

Print Assessment

Print More, Print Better, Spend Less

Many businesses and organizations don’t realize how much printing can cost them. Between purchasing the hardware itself, buying related software and supplies and paying for service calls, your printing processes can represent a significant drain on your office’s budget.

Of course, figuring out how much you spend on your printing takes time. Doing it yourself can mean diverting resources and manpower away from tasks that could drive your business. This could lead to less profit, which could deplete your resources further.

Advanced Business Solutions can help you save time and expenses. With our Print Assessment service, you can have us analyze your office’s printing solution and pinpoint areas of potential improvement. We’ll show you how to fine-tune your processes and leave you free to focus on more crucial work.

Details and Benefits of Print Assessment

Print Assessment involves scanning your company’s network and collect information such as:

  • Printer location

  • Device status

  • Error codes

  • Toner and other supply levels

After an assessment, we may recommend such steps as:

  • Redeploying your equipment for maximum productivity

  • Setting restrictions on printer output

  • Removing or upgrading outdated equipment

Recent studies have found that an effectively handled assessment program can reduce a company’s printing expenses by almost 30%. In fact, ABS’s valued technology partner OKI managed to save the Westbury School District in New York more than 60% on its annual printing cost, which translated into hundreds of thousands of dollars over five years.

For more information on our Print Assessment service, contact us to get started.