For many businesses, staying completely analog simply isn’t an option today. To stay viable and competitive in the digital world, you need the ability to upload, store and distribute information electronically.

Advanced Business Solutions can give you this ability. Our assortment of scanners will enable you to convert physical documents to digital files securely and efficiently.

Features of Available Scanners

ABS’s stock of scanners comes with a variety of useful features. These include:

  • Intuitive touchscreens
  • Simple, easy-to-use controls
  • The ability to scan dozens of pages within minutes
  • Duplex scanning
  • Options for scanning to several formats, including PDF/A and PPTX
  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS
  • Compact, eco-conscious, low-energy design
  • High dpi resolution for greater retention of details and colors
  • Editing and correction features, including Deskew, shadow cropping and text enhancement

Document Management Services from ABS

To further improve your document processing capabilities, ABS offers customers Document Management services. We’ll help you integrate all of the devices on your network and make sure that work flows smoothly throughout your organization. You’ll be able to find information when you need it and protect your data if disasters occur.

For more details on ABS’s scanners, take a look at our Complete Catalog. Contact us via our Get Started page if you have questions about any of our products and services.