5 Facts About Printing - Are You Spending Wisely?

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Do you know how much money your business is wasting on printing? We bet the answer is, “No.”

Advantages and Disadvantages of In-House Printing

4 color printing

There are many advantages of in-house printing. There are also disadvantages.

When a company decides how to do the printing of their materials, they often analyze the benefits and risks associated with both before making a decision. The decision is usually based on things such as cost, finding the right vendor, or simply what will work best for the company. Sometimes, even turnaround time is a factor.

How Churches Can Save Money Printing In-house

Church Office

     Churches rely on printed items for a multitude of applications. Out sourcing each printing need requires additional resources; Graphic artists for design, printing companies and shipping facilities are needed each time there is a printing job.  Costs add up quickly and jobs must be ordered well in advance to ensure delivery in time. By ordering in advance, there is also the additional cost of ordering extra just in case; which leads to unnecessary costs and potential waste.

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