VoIP Services From ABS

VoIP Services From ABS

Phones are an essential part of any business operation, and both your phone hardware and services are vital to streamlining communications within your organization. In today’s internet-connected world, VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, services are rapidly replacing standard phone carrier services. These services run over an internet connection, offering high-quality sound and streamlined costs.

Advanced Business Solutions offers the latest IP phones and corresponding VoIP services to keep your business connected and communicating efficiently. With a variety of systems and services to choose form, we’ll ensure your phone infrastructure supports your business seamlessly at a price point in your budget. With a VoIP solution in place at your office, you can consolidate your internet and phone into a single connection to increase productivity, and streamline your entire office communications workflow.

VoIP Features

As technology continues to evolve VoIP has become increasingly popular, and provides many advantages over a traditional phone service.

  • Enhanced Productivity: communicate easily and effectively with enterprise-level VoIP features
  • Scalability: Solutions are ideal for a range of business sizes, and can grow with you as your company grows
  • Bandwidth Efficiency: Everything is very efficient, so you can save time and money across the board
  • Good Uptimes: With connections out of reliable data centers in a variety of locations across the United States and Canada, we provide fast uptimes

VoIP Benefits

When you implement VoIP, you will enjoy a variety of benefits including:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased productivity and mobility
  • Simplified installation process
  • Ability to retain existing phone number and global number portability
  • Scalability and flexibility that can grow as your business does
  • Range of calling features, including advanced features

Zultys (VoIP)

Zultys manufactures comprehensive voice over IP communications systems for small businesses to multi-national corporations, focusing on flexible, simple, and cost-effective solutions.

IP Phones

Advanced Business Solutions offers a variety of phone systems and hardware to use with our VoIP services.

For more information VoIP and phone solutions, you can contact us via our Get Started page.

Our Vision

To be recognized by our customers as the industry leader, challenging the status quo and achieving superior performance.